Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Rugby did his usual training, but nothing really new. The down was lots lots better today, didn't phase him at all.

Visiting friends this afternoon though, there was a little boy that was just in love with Rugby (don't really know how old he is...4 maybe?). He was calling him to him, and petting him very gently. Rugby was being soo good with him too. When he could say 'Rugby' well enough that he could understand Rugby would trot over to him a give him little kisses on his hands, and if he bent over on his face. It was so nice to watch especially when he was playing with the older kids, bitting and jumping, and playing tug of war and 1/2 a second later would turn around and just give his new friend kisses. When Rugby would wander to far away (trying to get into trouble I am sure) I would call him over and tell him 'thank you your such a good boy' and this little guy would just repeat whatever I said to Rugby and even Rugby thought it was cute. He couldn't help but wag his little tail and lick him to death. I was happy with him and so was this little boy.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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