Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Getting Sick of You (18 Days...)


Last night was the first photo shoot that Rugby has made it pretty clear to me he was unhappy about.  Maybe it had something to do with just getting out of the bath, or maybe because we started so late last night. Maybe it is because he has had his picture take every day for the past week and he is sick of it?? Who knows! I could tell he had enough when I went to slip him a cookie and he didn't eat it, he just held it in his mouth.

Luckily, he was still bouncy and happy when he wasn't infront of the camera. Just seemed like in almost all the pictures I took last night he was rolling his eyes at me, and being uncooperative as far as looking in the direction that I wanted him to.

Rugby hasn't gotten his formal training session yet today so he is still feeling a little neglected. We did mess around a little bit, but it hardly satisfied Rugby's desire to work. I did promise him that we would work later today though. He got to play with Shadow the schipperke this morning which surprised me a little since I haven't ever really seen Shadow play with anyone before. They had a good time and it helped to keep Rugby warm. As soon as Shadow had enough though, Rugby started to shiver so I had to break out his jacket for the first time this year. He warmed right up!


  1. What beautiful pictures. Isn't it typical, they do all these great poses and wonderful faces but the minute you get the camera out refuse to do anything, lol!

  2. Ha ha ha! He sounds like some hounds that I know!

  3. I guess it is kinda typical! Makes me feel a little bit better about him being a jerk for the pictures!! :p LOL