Friday, December 18, 2009

Magnet (8 Days...)

Today's pictures reveal the attractive powers a camera can have.

It started with these three, who were put on down stays to chill out while the humans socialized and ate christmas goodies.

Then came the girls, who adore Ellie and Rugby and always ask to walk them around before and after class.

They helped me get the dogs attention by shaking a tin of dog cookies. Pete at this point was only worried about if anything is coming OUT of the tin.

Pete's wish was granted and everyone got a little taste as a bribe for their posing for the camera. Rugby and Ellie took a little longer to eat theirs for obvious reasons. 

Then Caruso and his human came over to join the fun. He had to get himself aquainted with his fellow models before we started. This bored Pete to death and he decided to take a nap instead, so I stopped including him in these shots.

Apparently Rugby and Caruso were taking turn sticking their tongues out at me.

Pete found himself well rested enough to join us again while Caruso got himself aquainted with his surroundings. :p

And finally everyone decided to participate. They just needed a little warm up.

Then came the dobermans. What were we thinking to exclude them from the fun? One thing I have learned about dobe's is that their ears are so HARD to get up for pictures. Luckily no we had both girls, Caruso's human and Jasmine's human. Jasmine was very eager to offer her ears while a certain someone was there, but Sanity took all four of them to convincer her and even still, this is as close as we got.

We managed to attract three additional dogs and four people!!

Overall, I think the pictures are a little dissapointing but everyone had a good time.
Merry Christmas from the Thursday Night Class!!


  1. Wow! Great Christmas pictures. Amazing how you got everyone to stay put for so long.

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Stella, Gunther & Betty

  2. I love those last two pictures! Wow!

  3. Thanks! Yup, they are some well trained pups (most of the time :p).