Sunday, December 20, 2009

Precipitation (6 Days...)

We got a bit of snow yesterday. A little more than a bit - somewhere right around 20 inches of snow. Considering this is Maryland, and we hardly ever get more than a couple inches this is pretty unusual. Rugby while in the snow that he has been in before has LOVED it. He even loved it last night when I took him into the partially plowed streed to play. He was unhappy about how much we got yesterday though. He just can't get around easy enough. The ONLY way he can get through the snow by following in my footsteps, and even that isn't easy.

He made it as far as this tree, then he stopped to tell me he really couldn't get through!

He decided he would come only as long as we were headed towards the house.

Sloooowly making his way...

"You still coming inside??"

Then had to warm up a little with his snuggie.

Just a quick video of Rugby playing in the snow last night. We were playing in the street since that is the only place Rugby could have any fun. :p


  1. I don't envy you all that snow at all! Brrrr! It looks like Rugby had a great time playing, though!

  2. I can see the video??
    Here is the link straight to it-

  3. Rugby, careful out there dude! You blend right in, you get lost. Stay nice and warm in your snuggie cutie.

    Stella, Gunther & Betty

  4. Thats some great snow, much deeper than here. (Thanks for visiting my blog)

    Wizz :-)