Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Wonderland (2 Days...)

I went through the pictures from yesterday and I decided on a little less than 70 pictures that were worthy of sharing. I already know I take too many pictures, and I also know that I am not putting 70 pictures onto Rugby's blog.

Then my problem was that I couldn't decide on wether to share the ones of Sanity trying hard to convince Rugby and Ellie to play with her too...

Or the ones of Rugby terrorizing Blue, the PWD, and her giving him warning teeth...

Or the ones of him ambushing the poor, unsuspecting Ellie...

Or the ones of the two munchkins having a good time together...

Rugby's practice playing in the snow was put to good use. Ellie wouldn't go in the snow except when I tricked her, and then she would run right back out. Rugby and Sanity were the only ones that would venture out in it. Ellie changed her mind when Sydney came and stomped down a snow path for her and the two little ones ran back and forth in it. :p
A random story from this morning -

My mom is in general not a dog person. She loves Rugby but only because she doesn't have to take care of him and he is mostly well behaved. It took a couple of years of convincing for me to persuade her to let me get a dog in the first place.

Rugby followed her upstairs while she was brushing her teeth and getting ready this morning. A side note: Rugby has a strange obsession with the toilet..he likes to look in there every chance he gets for no apparent reason. So while she was brushing her teeth he got up on his hind legs and peeked into the toilet. My mom took this to mean that he was thirsty (???). When she was done she came down and told me this herself - that my dog was thirsty and he needed water. To this I replied that he had a whole bowl of water on the floor and if he was thirsty, there was nothing from stopping him from drinking the whole thing.

This is the good part...

Then she said to me, "Yeah, but that is warm water." She proceeded to empty the entire bowl and refill it with water from the fridge.

Rugby didn't go over to drink it.


  1. The playing in the snow pics are great!

    Ahhh, well, at least Rugby is getting your mom trained! lol

  2. Great picture I had a look at them on your album :-)


  3. Thanks!

    And yes he is! I wish I was as good at it!

  4. Those are great pictures! If we didn't know better we would have been worried about Rugby.. BOL!

    Sounds like Rugby is gettin grandma trained.