Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The package has arrived

Rugby’s Christmas present of portable obedience jumps has finally arrived. We haven’t set them up yet since we are at my dad’s house but CAN’T WAIT to set them up tomorrow. Once we do we will take pictures of Rugby putting them to good use (at least the open jumps).

Meanwhile, Rugby was tortured tonight while I was playing with my computer. Here is a picture of my dad, me and Rugby. Rugby was chewing on one of his candy cane rawhides from Christmas.

Attractive, Right? ..I know. LOL


Rugby did an open run through this morning with Pete, Brandy and Ellie. I think he did pretty good, just needs some more polishing. I think he is lagged a bit on the outside circle of the figure 8, but sometimes it is hard for me to tell since he is so little. We took a video. Hopefully I can either get it from Margot or convince her to put it online somewhere. *cough cough* :p

I think we have sort of hit a plateau on our swing finish. He just doesn’t really like to do it, and kind of hates it I think. Just like everything else I guess we just need to practice it more. He is doing it off leash (mostly) so maybe I should just be happy with his progress so far.

We have been spending some extra time on fronts and finishes and I think it is starting to pay off. It isn’t a ‘steady’ or ‘reliable’  improvement just yet, but he is starting to think about it, I can tell. The frequency of straightness is increasing!

We have been playing around with a moving stand just since so much of the same thing gets boring. He does it pretty good, but… I was flipping through our Koehler book the other day and I think I am giving the wrong hand motion. So we are stopping until we can ask what it is we are actually supposed to be doing. That way I don’t screw us up too bad.


  1. That picture is so funny! It looks like you are all on a scary rollar coaster! I have a picture with me opening my mouth in the camera. It's funny!

  2. I'm curious: where did you get your portable jumps? :)

  3. Thanks!!

    We got the jumps from here -