Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Wait (7 Days...)

I am so incredibly excited today. The weathermen were calling for us to get up to 2 feet of snow this weekend and I just woke up to head off to work, and they were actually right for once. Can't tell from my window but there is at least a couple inches out there already. Only bummer is that I don't think Rugby and I will have too much time to play in it until Sunday. I HOPE HOPE HOPE it sicks around till then because Rugby LOVES the snow.

Jake was chosen specifically to accompany Rugby in his picture today because of dog class the other night. One of the games we played for Christmas was to see who could balance a treat on their nose for the longest. Jake was denied participation because a specific two-legged said he was incapable. Jake's ego was hurt by this and we had to prove that he was indeed capable of holding still enough to balance the treat on his nose.

A testament to how well he did balancing the treat is that I was the one both putting the treat on their noses, and taking the picture so he at leas had to hold still long enough for me put it on there, get the camera, and take the pictures. The first two time we tried he wasn't that good at it and only lasted about 15 seconds or so. It was only long enough for me to get the silly only Jake photos that are on here. Third times a charm though, and this time he held it on there for probably 2 minutes or so, long enough for me to get all of these pictures. with both him and Rugby.

Being as competitive as we are, I am glad Jake didn't participate because he might just have won! I *think* Rugby timed out at 30 seconds the other night, before it fell off. I can't remember if Pete or Brandy won, but they both beat Rugby's time.

The pictures with Jake were no problem for Rugby since he doesn't notice that there was even a treat on his face (Yes, even this humongous one...I am fairly certain he was oblivious). I posted about him not catching treats that I threw at him before...or even attempting. Balancing on the nose is kinda along those lines since even when it falls off, he just stares at me blankly. I think he is a lost cause! You can see how un-amused he is in the pictures. :p

That would be it - proof!

And completely irrelevant, but last night Rugby went to bed without me for the first time! I was staying up doing pictures (what else?) and he was laying on his dog bed more or less by my feet and once it got to be 10:30 or so he was no where to be found. Funny part is he didn't even go get in one of his three beds he has in my room...he got in MY bed. By the time I got there he was all stretched out, belly up in MY spot too. He didn't even get up when I lifted the covers to get in and he rolled to the other side of the bed! :p What an old man Rugby is getting to be! No more staying up late for him!


  1. Wow! That's impressive! That would never happen around our house.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. Thats only because your dogs don't have big enough noses to fit a treat! :P I'm sure if they practiced they could get it too!