Monday, December 7, 2009

Please Don't Go (19 Days...)

Weekends are so boring here for Rugby. I work both Saturday and Sunday so we usually don't go anywhere or do anything special unless I am working 'till midnight or something and have time in the morning. Come Monday morning he always has some extra pent up energy that he depersately wants to use. Here he is in the door this morning begging me to please take him along. I did have to tell him to use that toy for the picture since he actually hates it and the only other green toy he has was all the way downstairs (and I am lazy and didn't want to get it).
He desperately needs a bath, since I skipped last week all together. :o Maybe I can motivate myself to do it tonight.


  1. Oh poor old Rugby. I'm sure you will give him a nice long walk as soon as you have a spare minute.