Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where do I even start?

I feel like Rugby has soo much to share today I am not sure where to start. I suppose we will start with our video from the other day doing our Open exercises. Our new dumbbells are not going to be here until Tuesday so Ellie was kind enough to let us borrow one of hers.

We decided it was time to break in the new jumps a little bit today. We love them!! We got them from K9 Fun Works.  First Rugby used his open jumps for the pictures. We got a bar jump too, and set it up yesterday but since none of us today are working at utility yet we didn’t use it for our pictures.

aDSC_0258 aDSC_0266

The other dogs were just starting jumps so they got their repetitions in for the day too.

Brandy, the Kerry Blue Terrier, is sooo funny to watch! She really loves to jump and since she is a bouncy terrier and she looked like a deer going over the jump.


Anya comes with Brandy, and she works Ellie in the Thursday night classes. She started off with Ellie and switched a couple times (turns out it is harder to wear out a kid than it is to wear out the dogs!).


Random, but cute kiss from Brandy to her owner while waiting their turn.


She switched to Black, the PWD, but didn’t work him for too long because he is an old man and we thought he might have a heart attack or at least get too stiff if he was worked for too long.

aDSC_0292 DSC_0294 

By this time we were running out of dogs for her so for her last dog of the day, she switch to Rugby. Just because he could do it, for the first time over she left him on one side of the jump and called him to her on the other side.


Sydney took Ellie over again after she was done with Blue and able to rest a bit from her first session.


Then I had him hold his dumbbell, and she ran him over it a few more times.

aDSC_0309 aDSC_0310

Last but certainly not least, is a video of Rugby retrieving Sanity’s dumbbell. I absolutely LOVE this video of him. Margot has it up on her blog, along with an explanation of what motivated us to make the video.

Even though the jumps aren’t being used in the video they are set up…although I think maybe now I am beating a dead horse with all the jump pictures!

Thanks so much for the wonderful jumps Dina!!!


  1. You beat me to it this time, so now I will just post a link to your blog from my blog http://www.sanityshome.blogspot.comand call it good for the day.

    Happy New Year.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! We'd like to get Gunther and Betty doing that soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

    Stella, Gunther & Betty

  3. I love the action shots! I feel a little tired now, though!

  4. A Very Happy New Year. Jumping is looking good :-)

    Wizz :-)