Monday, December 14, 2009

It was almost warm today (13 Days...)

It was really nice outside today compared to what we have been stuck with as far as weather goes. Today I decided our red and green object would be one of the dog houses in the kennel runs outside. Surprisingly it only took longer for Rugby to trot over to me from where he was in the back of the yard than it did to get them all to pose and take the picture. The only trouble was that everyone wanted to be on the roof. I am regretting not letting them all get on the roof now, but I had it in my head earlier that someone needed to be in the dog house. I chose Pete, as he was the most willing to stay in there.

Rugby was in heaven today since he was finally able to work again. He did wonderfully, and he is getting lots closer to being able to make a video like Pete's. Today he was doing the 'swing' command off lead for the first time. He was also much much better about moving his hind end around for fronts as I turned in a circle today. It is getting closer!

Somehow, I skrewed up my countdown and there are less than 13 days left till Christmas. It will be the right number tomorrow. LOL


  1. Humpf!
    It's starting to seem you need the creative stimulation found here to get your best shots.

    All kidding aside....great shot!

  2. Love your Christmas background!
    Rugby is very brave with those big dogs, a lovely photo.

  3. I have just googled micro prong collar and they look horrid, why are there all those nails on the inside?
    I also found out that it is illegal to sell prong collars in UK.
    I urge you to rethink.

  4. Thanks!! And Yes, seems anywhere but home really gets me better shots. :p

    I thought that they were perfectly legal in the UK?? In fact on the best made prong collars comes from a German run company. I searched and the only thing that came up about it was some message boards, nothing else though - just a couple places to buy them.

    I have used it on myself and it honestly isn't as bad as it looks.
    There are no nails, there are little 'spikes' that stick inward, but they are not pointed, (squared off actually).

    It provedes a specific type of correction - a short intense one. It helps prevent giving lots of mild corrections. That being said, how could you possible denounce them after never seeing one or how it works or knowing when it is used?

    I am trying not to loose my patience, because I know you have no idea of the endless hours Rugby has spent training, the level of training he is at, or what fair and balanced training IS at all really. I also understand that your dogs wouldn't know what work was if it hit them in the face (at no fault of their own). So I am torn between being upset that you don't know these things yet are still offering advice on what tools to use or just shrugging it off because you are just another victim that has drunk the kool aid of animal radicals who are equally uneducated on this and similar matters.

    I hope you do not take too much offense at this, certainly hope you take less offense at it than I have. Rugby will continue to use his prong collar when it is necessary.