Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bum Day

I was stuck at home today with my car in the shop, so I cleaned Rugby up and had a little photo-shoot with him. This morning, my dad was making noises behind Rugby, and I am fairly certain that Rugby knew it was him as he kept looking at him, but then turning around and barking down the hallway. (?) Eventually I told him to go get Max who was down the hallway in the livingroom. Still in attack mode (scaredy-cat attack mode), he goes down the hallway and stops by every door and barks once. When he got to the end where the living room was, he didn't go in just barked twice (because it is a bigger room maybe? lol) and came back again barking into every room. I was amazed! I am not sure what he thought he was doing, but he definetely had a plan and was very systematic about it.

Some of these pictures are with the ribbons he won at his last show (July 11-12th). Links to the videos are below.

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