Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Rugy is still dirty because I don't want to have to bath him again Thursday before his show. Procrastinating in the hopes that I will create less work for myself. We spent a good amount of time on the heeling today and I think we had a could 'a-ha' moments. Same bad spots. I stepped up the figure 8 and put halts in places that he would have to really think about speeding up, slowing down with no help from me. He handled that with no problem. Got him a couple of times for lagging, but he stopped that pretty quickly. If we can go out and do it tomorrow without him lagging at all tomorrow I will be sooo happy. Relieved actually. He is working well now, but that is going to make or break us as far as a really good score goes.

Oh yeah, I also got him good for forged sits. I gave him a leash correction once and the next couple times barked out a sit command on the halts and he seemed to appreciate my extra help and then started to remember where he needed to be. He is doing good overall, I am jut a little anal I suppose.

Recall was ok, but I think I need to practice them on the cement for a bit becuase I can never tell if he is giving me a crooked front because of uneven footing or for no reason at all. Sometimes he does it perfect and other times not. I haven't figured out a pattern or trend just yet.

The only open work we did was retrieve on the flat which he enjoyed. He did stop the first time and look at me as soon as he went out to get it, which was quickly fixed by me putting his string on him and having him drag it around.

I brought Rugby's crate today and him and Ellie both got put in their crates and used as figure 8 posts for the dog aggressive dog. It was kind of interesting. I will post a link to the video if it ever makes it online. :)

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