Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today Rugby improved tremendously - he didn't lag at all for me to even have to correct him. The about turns were the same old story, he threw in a couple of wide ones today I think mostly just to mess with me. :/ The halts were fine as long as I could remember to step into it the correct way.

Figure 8
One word-
He has finally figured out when he needs to speed up and slow down. He isn't just reacting to my speed anymore but thinking and planning when he knows a turn is coming. This was a huge step forward.

High Jump
No problems today. He didn't have any trouble remembering to jump before or after getting the dumbell. However, the way the sun was coming through the trees it was hard for me to see the dumbell on the other side, and I am sure it was hard for him too. Rugby is a trooper though and he searched it out each time no matter how hard it was. Did I say already that the retrieve is his favorite thing? :p

Broad Jump
No breakaways today, and I didn't need to help him at all. Everysingle time I sent him he took off, went over it and spun around to face me. It was great. Need to focus now on the finish and pretty it up but I think he finally has the general idea down.

After training, we went down to the farm and Rugby played with Joyful. He had a great time playing in puddles, running through the tall weeds and racing around with his JRT friend. I wish I had my camera to get him and Joy crouching and pouncing in all of the tall weeds behind the barn, it was really cute.

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