Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work Finally

Rugby was a TERROR today. It was hilarious. When he first walked into the yard he starts barking and right away picks Sammy-poo as his victim and follows him around like an annoying little toy dog bitting at his hocks and then leaving Sammy to have zoomies around the yard, jump in the pool, rub in a sufficiently smelly part of the yard and start the process all over again.  He was constantly in the way he wanted to be worked soo badly. While I was doing Pete he kept jumping off the chair to intervene.

Then he FINALLY got worked and he was so very happy. Today we started again working on our open work. We had pushed his drop-on-recall to the side for a couple months so that it wouldn't mess up his novice recall. Today we reviewed that and started from the beginning and fast-forwarded to where we had left off.

He still loves the broad jump, but we need to work on the front after he goes over the jump. I guess he just needs to practice more we will see how that goes. High jump I left his lunge line on and he didn't stop on the other side and look at me so that is a plus. One time I sent him and it went farther than we both expected and he went out, looked where he thought it was looked back at me like..."it really isn't here ya know" and I just stood there and waited and he eventually looked far enough to see it and got it and came back over the jump.

Finished the session with some tug of war, and Rugby was content enough with that little work he did.

We also got a hand written card in the mail from the show secretary of the toy dog show thanking me for taking part in their trial and congratulating Rugby on earning his CD and HIT. I thought that was super nice! Hopefully we can go next year too!

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