Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here Comes the Bride....

So I am still not entirely sure if my uncle is messing with me or not, but he asked if Rugby would be the ring bearer at his wedding this October. Even if he is kidding, we are going to mess around with teaching Rugby to go to a designated spot, sit in a designated direction, holding a basket...all by himself.

Our biggest obstacle is going to be that he is already programmed to go out to a designated spot but then turn around and face me before he sits. That won't be terrible if we can't figure out a way to get around that but it would be so cool if we could get him to go straight out and sit.
Hmm...the possibilities.

Other that that we really have been slacking on the training and Rugby hates me for it. When I am working other dogs in the yard he keeps trying to help and sitting there watching. :( It is very sad. Tomorrow there will be some Rugby training time. :)

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