Sunday, August 9, 2009

House Guest and Focus

Rugby woke up to Zena here again. You can take a wild guess at if her training was kept up. It is going to be another long week.

We hit a really rough patch after his last show where he decided that he didn't know how to heel, and pretended I didn't exist at all. I think we are finally getting over that. We went outside when we woke up ready to do some work, and we did. He is heeling much better now and he has some sloppy things we need to work on still but now I am not worried about him blowing me off completely at the next show.

Our sloppy spots are him sometimes going wide on the about turns, and sitting a little late which makes him pop his butt out to the left. He was not changing paces with me, but we focused on fixing that first, and I think we have that under control.

His figure 8 today was great! He knows now when he has to speed up to keep up with me on the outside turn, and when he needs to slow down to stay with me on the inside turn. He is a smartie pants.

Hope has been restored now! I am getting more and more excited for our next show, it is only a week and a half away! :O I really wish that we can strengthen those weak points that we have so he has the best possible chance or success.
And, just because I know you want to see the handsome little guy, here he is last night sleeping in one awkward place!

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