Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Closer and Closer...

Heeling was fine, halts sucked today. He must pick at random when and where he will do them correctly? Maybe I take it back - they didn't suck but they were all slightly ahead of me. I don't get it. More practice I guess.

Figure 8
First time around, he was lagging on the outside circle and got a correction for it. He didn't make the same mistake twice.

First one he didn't give me a straight front, possible because of the footing in front of me, or just because he wasn't paying enough attention. We did two more and both were a lot straighter...he was just off or croocked but a little bit.

Straight on the ground retrieve was good. He went out and came back at a decent speed. He does on the way back though look around to make sure SOMEONE is watching him. :p He is such a ham.

High Jump
We discovered a new problem today. This morning when I sent him he went out promptly, picked the dumbell up, turned and faced me and stood still. He must have forgotten that 'fetch' not only means go get the dumbell, but also bring it back. :p To fix this problem I went and got his 15 ft lunge line and we attached it to his collar, heeled him up closer to the jump (still on the opposite side) and left him on a stand stay. Then I positioned myself on the other side of the jump, gave the jump command and reeled him into me with the line. We did two more with him dragging the line just incase I needed to pick it up again, but luckily I didn't. We have instructions to continue with him dragging the line for a couple days just so he gets that idea out of his head.

Broad Jump
Wonderful - he shot out over the jump and spun to face me. His fronts and finishes after the broad jump are sloppy so we need to work on that still. This morning after I sent him initially over the regular way, I switched sides and sent him again (that threw him off at first but he caught on) and did a break aways. Once we switch back to the right side, it helped him a lot in getting that straight font. Hopefully if we keep it up it won't be a problem.

Post training sessions snack, Rugby had a pinkie rabbit with Sanity, Ellie and Caruso. yummmm

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