Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Novice Trial

Rugby survived his last novice show today, earning his insurance leg. :p He was kind of sloppy today, I think  our weakest point was our transistions. On the off lead slow he started off by slowing down wayyy to much, and as I kept going and kind of left him he had to catch up and then sort of was ahead of me a bit. I think this tells me that he isn't really sure what he is supposed to be doing during the slow, so we need to work on making it a little more clear to him so he can be more confident when doing it. Halts were a little sloppy all together, but he gave me a lovely front. He didn't come quite all the way around on the finish, he was straight but behind me.

Rugby got a score of 196 and 1st place
On-lead heeling - 2
Heel Free - 1.5
Recall - .5

No video today I couldn't convince anyone to come lol. We did take some pictures will all of his ribbons though when we got back.

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