Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Perfection is....

Today we were reminded that there is ALWAYS going to be something to work on. There will never be a day that Rugby doesn't have somewhere he could have done something better. This got me thinking about in Math class those nasty asymptotes. Perfection is our asymptote - if I can use the word this way.

It is our only partialy obtainable goal. A point we will forever grow closer too, but never actually reach. After some point the space between us and perfection will grow so close that it can be left unnoticed and we may call this place perfection, but it will not really be.

Rugby was great today. We focused only on Novice work since this is our last Wednesday morning class before his big show weekend. The only thing he did wrong was forging his sits at the halt. If that is his only mistake this weekend I will be pleased with him. Although wouldn't it be great if we had it squared away before then.

I am really tempted to work on this tomorrow but I know that I should just give him the day off. :/

Cross your fingers for us! :) I AM SO NERVOUS!!!

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