Friday, August 28, 2009

Yuck Day

I am having sort of a hard time getting motivated again to keep up the training. Today was a really yucky day with gloomy skies, the ground still wet from the storm we got last night. It was just not a day to train, both me and Rugby knew that.

To start the day off I had stupidly left Rosie, the jack russel that I am working with, in a run that Rugby can get in and out of. so I look over and Rugby had helped himself to Rosies run and started a play session. The first time it was cute, the second time less so. Then the third time it was just annoying. He has been so full of himself lately. Maybe once he gets back into some serious work he will settle down some, but if he doesn't it is plenty entertaining. :p

Before we left I had him do a couple retrieves over the high jump and a couple of broad jumps. Wasn't really enough to call training but we just played around with it some. The retrieve of the high jump he did without the lungeline on, and he didn't stop and stare at me on the other side so that is a big plus. lol

Monday we need to start our scent work again. Ahh, stuff to do. :)

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