Saturday, August 29, 2009

World is our Playground

Started off the day by sleeping in wayyy too long and therefore getting hardly anything that I had on the agenda for today done. Rugby and I had some quality couch bonding time just hanging out, then I had to leave him for a few hours to take some pictures.

It was a gorgeous day today up until I was driving home. Go figure. When I got home Rugby was a ball of energy so I snapped on his 15ft lunge line and went for a walk in the rain. Walking is a very loose term as Rugby spent most of the time running in circles, grabbing the line wanting me to play tug with him, and leaping into the air. He was a nutcase.

We found every puddle of a worthy size that we could and stomped in them until we were bored and moved onto the next puddle. Since it was 9 o'clock on a rainy night we had the streets to ourselves so Rugby and I walked right in the middle of them. Unless of course the puddle chosen for play were off to the side.

Up at the elementary school I freed Rugby of his line and we raced each other through the parking lot. The largest puddle we saw all night was at the school so we had a contest to see who could make the biggest splash (I let Rugby think that he won. :p).

Soaking wet I decided that we had our fill of the rain for tonight and we walked back home. This time I mean walking. I asked him to heel only a little bit, and that was through the other large puddles that we found...just because I wanted to see if he would....and he did. :)

Now we are both drenched and as I type Rugby is rolling around on the floor hoping to rid himself of the excess water. What he doesn't know is that he is in need of a bath and since he is already seems like a good opportunity. Poor Rugby will get more wet before he dries off tonight.

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